Latin Mass of Southwest Virginia

Fr Joseph Mary Lukyamuzi, OSB, has begun offering regular monthly Mass in the Extraordinary Form for the southwest Virginia region of the Diocese of Richmond. The November 7th Mass, at Our Lady of Peace in Appomattox, was well attended by folks from Lynchburg, Lexington, Radford and other locations. There are some pictures at Una Voce (Richmond).

The next Mass in the Extraordinary Form at Our Lady of Peace will be celebrated 3pm on July 3rd, by Fr Joseph Mary Lukyamuzi who is returning from a three month training seminar in Rome.

Fr Joseph Mary Lukyamuzi

Fr Joseph Mary Lukyamuzi celebrating Mass at Our Lady of Peace

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8 Responses to Latin Mass of Southwest Virginia

  1. Sid Cundiff says:

    Excellent news!

    Someone needs to update and keep current the info at

    I do this for the North Carolina page, for the MEFs under the jurisdiction of the bishops of Raleigh and Charlotte.

  2. Clint says:

    Will it ever be coming to the Roanoke Valley or New River Valley?

  3. Clint,

    How many folks in your area are interested in a regular traditional Latin Mass? If there are at least 30 adults who would support this, it is a possibility that Una Voce may be able to help getting something started there.

    • Clint says:

      Unfortunately, I don’t know any other souls in my area who are interested in the TLM in Roanoke or the New River Valley. Thanks for your inquiry, though. 🙂

      • Andy says:

        I move in to Roanoke this Summer.Iam interested in the TLM.Hopefuly could be possible that I find a Parish Church with the TLM.Andy

  4. Thomas says:

    The altar servers at the TLM mass in Appomattox as well as other folks at that Mass drive from Radford, in the New River Valley.

  5. Stu says:

    Great news for the diocese.

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