Nearby Latin Mass

For most of southwest Virginia, the closest regularly scheduled Latin Mass in the Extraordinary Form is actually in another diocese: on Sundays, 12 noon, at Holy Angels,
1208 North Main Street, Mount Airy, NC.

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2 Responses to Nearby Latin Mass

  1. Susanne Martin says:

    Does anyone know if there will be a Latin Mass in the Extraordinary Form at Our Lady of Peace in Appomattox this Sunday, July 3?

  2. Stanley D. Wyatt says:

    If any of you want to travel to or are traveling through WV, we have the Traditional Latin Mass at Holy Trinity Catholic Church, 22nd St. and Second Ave., in Nitro, WV, 9 a.m. Tues.-Saturday and 2 p.m. on Sunday. Time change will occur with the First Sunday in January, 2015 (January 4) with Mass time on Sunday changing to 1 p.m. Adoration,Rosary, and Confession before Mass. Benediction, Latin Classes, and Social will be after some Sunday Masses. Rev. Fr. Joseph Tuscan, OFM Cap. For further information, see the Facebook page, Latin Mass Community of Southwestern West Virginia. Or, call me anytime 304-346-8135. Church phone: 304-755-0791

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