Assumption Schola/Choir

In support of the Southwest Virginia Latin Mass, a schola/choir is forming.  Our goal is to be able to sing at Mass beginning sometime in 2011, at the Mass in the Extraordinary Form which is celebrated at 3pm on the 1st Sundays of the month at Our Lady of Peace in Appomattox, VA. We practice on 1st and next to last Sundays in Lynchburg, 11:30-1:30pm (our next practice will be March 20th). Tutorial materials (CD and book) will be provided.

We will be starting from the beginning and will first learn the ordinaries for Missa XI (and Credo III), in preparation for a Missa Cantata in July. We will be using The Parish Book of Chant and, for the Propers, Solesmes’ Gregorian Missal (but with MEF choice of texts, where different).

As Jeffrey Tucker writes in What Vatican Singing Norms Imply :

And what should the choir sing? It is not complicated:

Sundays of Advent: Missa XVII Credo IV
Sundays of Christmas: Missa IX Credo IV
Sundays of Lent: Missa XVII Credo IV
Sundays of Easter: Missa I Credo III
Sundays of Ordinary Time: Missa XI Credo I
Feasts of Ordinary Time: Missa VIII Credo III
Feasts of the B.V. Mary: Missa IX Credo IV
Feasts of the Apostles: Missa IV Credo III


Recordings of the Mass Propers:
Corpus Christi Watershed

Recordings of the Mass Ordinary:
Corpus Christi Watershed (free recordings..lots of stuff here, browse around the Other Recordings too)
Chants of the Ordinary, St George Cathedral, London.
(the best tutorial CD available for the ordinaries).

The Corpus Christi Watershed site also has some very useful resources for beginning polyphony.

CMAA (Church Music Association of America) has made a massive amount of text freely available online, see:

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